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modern spiritual companioning

the hearth chaplain


uncertainty   /   life changes  /   birth stories  /   death stories  /   ends  /   beginnings  /   spiritual exploration /   discernment

I can help you

supportive companioning across thresholds

greetings, and well met from the hearth chaplain!  my name is abby, and i'm a teacher, midwife, doula, ordained interfaith chaplain, and spiritual contemplative.  the common thread throughout the work i do with people is my role as a space holder, sounding board, and grounding presence for personal transformation.  I don't bring any agenda to

you, but i do work to create a safe space where you can discern your own path and goals. i'm honored to be part of the work that you're doing, and know that every part of you is welcome here.  

my own spiritual path is open and eclectic, with elements of secular humanism, agnosticism, celtic paganism, reclaiming goddess tradition, traditional cherokee spirituality, and deep nature reverence.  if i had to name a religious home, it would be unitarian universalism, though i prefer mountaintops to buildings any day.  i have academic foundations in the abrahamic, asian, and african diaspora religions through my undergraduate college coursework, and i have a deep and abiding openness, as well as a gentle sense of curiosity, when it comes to any and all religious traditions, including none.  i'm here for you no matter who, what, where, and why you are or aren't.

i am ordained to perform weddings and other official ceremonies through the chaplaincy institute of maine (chime).  i have training in moral injury work through the volunteers of america, as a movement chaplain in social activism through faith matters network, and participate in clinical pastoral training and supervision through the clinical pastoral training center of southern maine

as an interfaith chaplain, i work with all people.  i do, however, specialize in care around fertility, infertility, and assisted reproduction.  i also enjoy working with midwives, doulas, obgyns, and other birth workers around issues of vocation, burnout, moral injury, and adverse outcome processing.  i am currently a staff chaplain at spiritual care services of maine, and i also teach for the chaplaincy institute of maine.


in addition to my chaplaincy work, i own and operate red roots midwifery, a holistic home birth practice in western maine and the mount washington valley of new hampshire, though i am currently on extended sabbatical and loving life as a new mom.

in lieu of making a land acknowledgment, which does little to promote tribal sovereignty or the health and wellbeing of our indigenous populations, i will suggest that you consider donating time or join me in regularly donating money directly to the wabanaki alliance, an organization seeking recognition and sovereignty for the micmac, maliseet, passamaquoddy, and penobscot nations of maine.


"It’s hard to write a recommendation for someone like Abby Luca, it’s not because she doesn’t deserve it, it’s because there isn’t necessarily a thing she does… her power lies in who she is. Abby is a naturally comforting soul, authentic and calm. She understands that discretion is the better part of valor and that silence can be deafening. She is relatable, not through oversharing, but by allowing you to be yourself. She asks the types of questions that bring you to where you need to be without being led. She opens a door for you and allows you to choose if you would like to enter. Her grace allows you to enter your own. She has quietly guided me and in some instances protected me for over a year now. Her presence has allowed me to find compassion for myself in times of great turmoil and to rediscover me when I thought I was lost. I am proud to call her an advisor and an instructor and that one day I may be able to call her colleague and friend." 

Ayana Izala, MD

upcoming events

  • the hearth chaplain is at the mindfulness festival 2024!
    the hearth chaplain is at the mindfulness festival 2024!
    Sun, Aug 04
    Aug 04, 2024, 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM EDT
    Brownfield, 506 Hampshire Rd, Brownfield, ME 04010, USA
    Aug 04, 2024, 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM EDT
    Brownfield, 506 Hampshire Rd, Brownfield, ME 04010, USA
    come visit the hearth chaplain tent at the first annual mindfulness festival! I'll have a table on sunday only, and i'm offering one-on-one mini ritual sessions. only 12 are available, so book yours now!
abby hall luca, ma, cpm, nhcm
tel: 207-615-2566
instagram: @thehearthchaplain
venmo: @chaplainabby

thanks for reaching out! i'll be in touch soon.

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