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my sliding scale

how do i know what option to select on a sliding scale??

each of the booking options on this page are for the same offering--an hour of time together in a virtual space.  there is no difference between the $20 and the $80 hour.  


the shape of our reality means that some of us have abundant resources, some of us are barely getting by, and many of us are somewhere in-between.  all of us are deserving of witnessing and companioning.

when you think about which option to choose, consider the following:  current income, comfortable ability to pay, number of family members you currently support, level of social privilege or marginalization, familial/historical experience of oppression, or status as a student or elder.

for black and indigenous people of color who need chaplaincy related to capacity-building for non-violent direct action work, my time is donated.  please select any above and enter coupon code MOVEMENTCHAPLAIN for a 100% discount.
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