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fertility chaplaincy support

i know from both personal and professional experience that when navigating issues of fertility, infertility, and assisted reproduction, it's important to have a well-rounded team at your back.  if you're new to this and have no idea where to start, that's ok!  if this is old hat for you and you're looking to add to your team of care providers, that's great too.  

no matter what your story holds, i'm here to sit in it with you.

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how can a chaplain help?

as an interfaith chaplain, my job is to listen to your story.  i don't fix and mend.  i don't offer "ten steps to quick pregnancy" gimmicks.  i sit with you in the joy and the sorrow--in the confusion and the heartache and the uncertainty--and together we navigate towards a place where you can be alright no matter the outcome.

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is this only for religious folks?

absolutely not.  all are welcome from the devoutly religious to the strictl secular, and everything in between.  chaplaincy deals with issues of identity and meaning-making and with personal beliefs, whether or not they are religious in nature.  my goal is to follow your lead and to help you find wisdom and practices that work for you.

how can i use chaplaincy in my fertility care?

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"continuity" means that we make a plan to work together over the course of your care and treatment.  it means that i keep abreast of your care plan, that we check in weekly via email, that we meet monthly, and that i provide you with tools and resources for the journey.

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single visits

single visits are better for people who aren't sure how much support they'll need and how often.  if you select single visits, i don't track your care plan or touch base via email, but you have access to meet with me whenever feels good to you.

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