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chaplaincy for birthworkers

having been in birth work for over a decade, i'm intimately acquainted with the trials and joys of companioning people through the childbearing year.  big decisions about vocation?  been there.  moral injury?  been there.  burnout?  been there.  big time.

for midwives, doulas, and obgyns, it can be hard to accept that self-care comes first--that it's foundational.  chaplaincy can help you remember that.

no matter how big your joys and sorrows, i'm here to sit with you.

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how can a chaplain help?

as an interfaith chaplain, my job is to listen to your story.  i don't fix and mend.  i don't peer review the care you provide.  i offer warm companionship and a soft place to land while you access your own wisdom to discern next steps.  i'm a completely confidential space for you to process vocational discernment, navigate moral injury, identify burnout, and talk through difficult outcomes.

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is this only for religious folks?

absolutely not.  all are welcome from the devoutly religious to the strictly secular, and everything in between.  chaplaincy deals with issues of identity and meaning-making and with personal beliefs, whether or not they are religious in nature.  my goal is to follow your lead and to help you find wisdom and practices that work for you.

how can i use chaplaincy as a birth worker?

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"continuity" in chaplaincy is very much like medical continuity of care.  it means that we make a more focused plan to work together over a longer span of time.  it means that we meet monthly with email follow-ups, and that i am available to you 24/7 to for emergency processing of adverse outcomes.

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single visits

single visits are better for people who aren't sure how much support they'll need and how often.  if you select single visits, we don't make long-term goals or touch base via email, and scheduling is bound to available business hours, but you have access to meet with me whenever feels good to you.

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