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back from hibernation

an update and a check in

long time no see, my loves!

it might sound odd to think of summer as a time of hibernation, but for me, that's absolutely what it's been. i've taken time away from midwifery, time away from the hearth chaplain page, and time away from just about everything else to work on a big project. those of you who know me personally know that my partner stephen and i had a YUGE adventure over the summer with fertility treatment. specifically, after a decade of infertility and two losses, we decided to bite the bullet and give in vitro fertilization (ivf) a try.

the story is long and winding (and hopefully the subject of a book in the coming years) but basically my summer looked like this:

all of june: take loads of weird drugs to make loads of eggs. have ALL the ultrasounds and bloodwork.