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the self in three dimensions

your depth, breadth, and length

who are you?

it's a perpetual question that follows (and sometimes haunts) us, deceptively suggesting that a single static answer exits, when we are fundamentally and only ever beings of motion and change. everything is. even if you consider the most static point imaginable, you will soon realize that it, too, is in motion. a 70,000 year-old cave painting seems static compared to a first-pitch baseball, but even it, in its cool ochre stillness, is hurling though space in the belly of a planet that, in addition to its rotation and revolution, is blasting in tandem with the rest of the solar system around the milky way galaxy at something like 130 miles per second, which is itself hurling out out from the unknown primordial point at almost 373 miles per second. BANG. universe all in motion, spiraling out though past-present-future.

and then there's you. like the earth, you have a describable right-now nature. a you-ness. but that you-ness isn't still or alone. it has a "has been", an "is with", and a "will be". it has depth, it has breadth, it has length. the earth was made of what came before, it's shaped, pulled, molded, warmed, magnetized, and impacted by other things around it, and it has a trajectory into the expanse of space that's somewhat predictable, somewhat unknowable.