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wisdom councils

reviving and revamping old models of support

Flowers, feathers, and wooden staves against a tree

thinking back on your life, when were the times that you felt most calmly, sturdily, and solidly in your power? not when someone else what telling you what to do or how to be, but a time when you truly had the freedom and safety to step into your truth, walk around a little bit, do some exploring, and find your own best next steps...

were there times when this type of experience occurred in the presence or with the support of others? was it around a fire? at a dinner table? at a support group meeting? in a parenting circle? what were the unique qualities of that group or that time that felt like they contributed to the atmosphere? what were the dynamics of and between the people around?

if you could bottle it, that perfect peer-supported empowerment, what would the ingredients list look like?